3 Month Satisfaction GUARANTEE

We guarantee your satisfaction.  

Picking the system to store your data is a big deal.

The value of your hard work is immeasurable.

ComConnect File Sync will keep your data safe while providing powerful tools for to help your business.

Safe and secure data so only you and your team have access to your data.

The Best Way to Protect Your Files

Our guarantee means that we’ll be there to help you recover your data if you lose files, catch ransomware, a virus or any “god forbid” event.


We continually strive to provide you with great support for a business class data management solution.

We are here for the long haul and want you to be satisfied. If you decide within the first 3 months that ComConnect File Sync isn’t a good fit for your organization, we’ll return your investment.

We’ll help you get your organization configured and trained.

We are constantly improving ComConnect File Sync

We’ll support you and answer your questions

We'll help get your files back if you encounter ransomware, virus or another that causes you to lose your data.