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FINRA Rule 17a-3 & 17a-4 Compliant - Learn More
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Integrates with Office 365

The perfect way for financial planners and wealth managers to protect their and their client’s files

We'll set you up for $99. Then $30/month

Includes two Users

Additional Users $15/month

5Tb private cloud of never losing your data again.  

You are in 100% control and 100% compliant.

Use ComConnect if you don’t want anyone to be able to see or sell your data

  • You will never lose any file saved in your ComConnect system 
  • All of your files are available on every device and always synced to our private data centers
  • Your clients only see the files you share with them
  • No one will look at your files besides you and your team

I recently had a scare that my new computer had completely died. Everything important for my business is saved to ComConnect. Despite the stress of dealing with the computer itself, this was a significantly better experience than I’ve ever had before!

Natalie Wagner-Willis CFRC℠ , Cash flow coach
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ComConnect File Sync Kitces

Your RIA Firm's private 5 TeraByte
17a-4 Compliant Cloud.

Start Your Cloud For Just $99

(we tailor the system to your needs with you)

*Each Additional User $15

Access your files Anywhere

Purchase annual and get an TWO months FREE

Compliant Protection For Your Client's Data And Company Files 

Encrypted File Sync

Secure Sharing

Continuous Backup

Over 100 RIAs have Trusted ComConnect File Sync to protect their company's data

Cornerstone Features

Word, Excel And PowerPoint Editing From Work, Home and the web

Users can have as many computers as they want

Once A File Is Synced, It Is Also Backed Up

Admins have incredible control and data security

5x Types Of Backup And Data Protection

WORM compliant, Ransomware proof

Secure File Sharing For Any Folder Or File

Granular permissions for everything

The ComConnect File Sync, Continuous Backup and Sharing platform is more like a comprehensive insurance policy 

With 5 data centers around the world protecting your data!

Seamless and Easy

  • It all "just happens" in the background
  • Continuous And Accessible
  • Sync across all your devices
  • Share securely with clients
  • Backup Of Any File Or Folder

Incredible Value

  • End to End AES 256-Bit Encrypted Data Cloud
  • First user Account included
  • Starts with 5TB Cloud storage
  • Combines Backup, data protection, productivity tools, remote file access and more

Unlimited Guest Users for your clients • Unlimited Devices (Mac, PC, iPhone, Android) • Highly Configurable security policies • Branded to your firm • Web-Edit and Collaborate With Team Mates on documents 

Each Additional User Is $15/Month
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Combined Backup, Share and File Sync across all your devices.

Core Features

  • ComConnect Syncs across all your computers, phones and tablets.
  • ComConnect Shares files between coworkers and other users.
  • ComConnect is a continuous backup SaaS. Once a file is synced it is backed up.
  • Online collaborative editors so your team can work on files simultaneously.
  • Fleet of independent data centers around the world.
  • Files redundantly backed up as soon as they are synced.
  • Restore technologies for any data crisis (e.g. ransomware, accidental file deletion).


  • A single master document for every file accessible from any computer, phone or web browser.
  • Backed up with restorable versions.
  • Access your files whether your at the office or on the go.
  • Maintain FINRA, SEC or HIPAA Compliance with ease with preview-able and restorable WORM revision technology.
  • Ransomware and file deletion protection.
  • Never lose your work• Retain all your data through staff changes.
  • Runs seamlessly and continuously in the background.

Add The Power Of your own data Cloud To Your Hard Drive 

A Suite Of Integrated Cloud Based Tools

This system saves you time and money every week. 
We use it and see it Ourselves.

We want YOU To Experience The Platform too!