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ComConnect File Sync 2.4.1

ComConnect File Sync Version 2.4.1

We is pleased to announce ComConnect File Sync v2.4.1, the latest release that includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.



  • The Web Preview feature is now available in the Browse File Revisions page
  • The Web Preview feature is now supported in the Microsoft Edge browser
  • The Web Preview feature now supports many additional file formats including MS Visio Drawing files
  • The Web Preview feature’s rendering fidelity has been improved for many file formats, including Microsoft Office
  • Users can now exit out of the Web Preview tool from the share screen
  • Private cloud partners can now override the default ComConnect stylesheet
  • Buttons have been redesigned with a neutralized color scheme for more consistent branding
  • Guest accounts are now included in reports
  • When authenticating, users can now select an Active Directory source nickname
  • Time-sensitive passwords have been added for CSV-imported users
  • When deleting a user account, any associated backup roots will now deactivate on the web
  • The Share Options GUI is now resizable
  • The Restore Deleted feature has been improved to address cases where only a parent folder is restored
  • The Add to Groups and Add to Team Shares subscription widgets have been enhanced to improve the selection process
  • The Activity Log now displays Owned By information when purging individual files from personal roots
  • Locks are now removed if the owner is unsubscribed from a Team Share
  • Team Share moves are now logged in web-access.log
  • The {login_link} requirement has been removed from all custom welcome email templates
  • The Lock Info pop-up window now displays time based on account/organization time zone
  • ConnectWise billing agreement drop-down now reloads when switching companies for ConnectWise billing
  • A new Test Billing Agreement Push button has been added for ConnectWise billing integration
  • Added localization support for the Web Preview tool
  • In the Share Options dialog box, the Save and Close buttons have been updated to Share and Cancel
  • Numerous backend enhancements have been implemented to improve stability, security, and performance
  • When managing backups, the Delete button now reads Delete Selected Backups
  • Changes to org policies now display on dashboard activity and reports, and can generate alerts


  • The Auto-Lock duration is now configurable from the desktop agent’s Properties dialog box
  • The right-click context menu has been consolidated


  • Agent no longer prevents print dialog box from appearing
  • Agent no longer unregisters itself on Windows 10
  • Daily Digest now sends as expected on SaaS
  • ‘Restore inaccessible network paths’ button now activates in agent properties when path becomes unavailable
  • Agent deviation no longer causes a sync loop
  • Clear button has been updated in the Activity Log filtered view
  • Reports no longer display Not Available or zero storage
  • Windows path character limit no longer prevents the context menu or overlays from displaying
  • Shared files and folders listed in the guest account drop-down menu now display as expected
  • OSX agents now fully complete the installation process as expected
  • An edge case has been addressed so that Team Shares no longer display negative data in the web portal
  • OSX agent stability issue was addressed to prevent unexpected crashes
  • 500 error no longer displays when enabling ConnectWise billing for a child organization
  • 500 error no longer displays when viewing an organization created through the API
  • An edge case has been addressed so that the web portal no longer displays a negative number for User Folders
  • OSX Finder extension is now enabled by default after installing the agent
  • When configuring ConnectWise billing, changing the agreement for one child company no longer changes the agreement for all child companies
  • Daily Digest emails are no longer sent after a user is unsubscribed from a Team Share
  • The Download button now displays as expected in the Web Preview tool
  • The Outlook add-in has been updated with stability improvements
  • The agent service now starts as expected on Windows 10

ComConnect File Sync sync folder share file software

Do you wan to sync folder share file easily and securely?

This is yet another reason ComConnect is great is that you can sync folders share files and backup any folder or file on your computer and move data seamlessly between your devices.  You can also securely share with other people. The software really lets you dial in what you share with each person.  Your data is separated into secure silos.

ComConnect File Sync client portal software

ComConnect can be used as a secure client portal software.  Frankly, its great. Make a client portal with any folder on your hard drive.

Because you can create infinite guest accounts you can create a folder on your hard drive for each client and share that folder with them.  You can give your client can access their client portal and choose whether they are able to upload and/or delete files from your data cloud.

Your control over your data is precise.  You know that your data is secure and represents you and your team well.

My favorite part is the ability to add a disclaimer for the files you share.  This is an important tool both legally and for marketing purposes. If you don’t demonstrate and protect the value of your data, will someone else readily see its value?



enterprise file sync and share

Use this software as a service as an enterprise file sync and share solution.  This is the most secure file sync system on the planet.  You can dial in the controls with incredible detail and get alerts on everything you need to know.