Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ComConnect File Sync compliant?

Q: How is ComConnect File Sync encrypted and protect my files?

Your data is AES-256 Bit encrypted in transit and at rest
This is a private cloud platform with 5 private data centers protecting your data.
There are 5x types of data backup and protection
This protection makes the platform WORM compliant and ransomware proof.

Q: Do I need a VPN in addition to your system for added protection?

ComConnect File Sync is a VPN replacement for data syncing. Everything within ComConnect File Sync is protected and encrypted in-transit and at-rest. If you do choose to use a VPN, change the Proxy setting to Automatic.
ComConnect File Sync does not protect your web traffic. 

Q: How do I send files and receive files securely?

You can share any file or folder within ComConnect File Sync. Simply right click on your Finder or File Explorer and select the “share” link.

Q: Can I put a link to my cloud in my email signature?

Since folks only see what they have permissions to see when they log in, you just send people to the same login screen that you use and the system will only show them their files after logging in.

Q: Do people have to login?

Shares can be public or require a login.
If you want your guest to be able to upload they are required to login to protect you from malware.

Q: How do my clients send files to me?

Give your clients access to a subfolder. This folder will be specific to them. Share that folder with them securely and enable them to Modify the folder to upload.

Q: Can we have a link on our website for current clients to upload documents?

Absolutely. Just take the link you use to login to your cloud and put it in the menu of your website.

Q: Can these links white labeled and be branded with our logo?

Yes. You can white-label your cloud with your branding in your organization’s settings.

Q: Will you charge us more if we have a certain number of clients?

No. You can have as many guest accounts as you want. We charge by users ane expect one user for each employee accessing ComConnect File Sync.

Q: is this system just for me, or should I have my support staff use it too?

ComConnect File Sync gives you and your team ubiquitous access to your data. We highly recommend accounts for each member of your team and storing any files you don’t want to lose in the platform.

Q: How do you keep my team on the same page?

When you have a team in ComConnect File Sync we create a Team Share, Any files in this folder will be synced between all users who are given access to the share.

Q: You save personal files in ComConnect File Sync too?

We recommend putting any file you don’t want to lose into the platform. This includes pictures and videos that you personally value too. Silent data corruption happens in other platforms and does not happen in the ComConnect File Sync platform.

Q: What happens if I am infected with Ransomeware?

Please contact our support team immediately. We will work with you to reverse the infection.
If you have a data issue that our tier 1 support desk can not solve we have a tier 2 support desk, maintained by our partner company Axcient, who can solve any problem. 

Q: Can files within my “ComConnect File Sync folder” be encrypted for added protection?

If you want. Some users have done this; basically it’ll make your data be double encrypted. We don’t think it’s necessary most of the time. The fingerprint reader on your computer is a lot of protection and is the point of entry that would be protected by disk encryption.

Q: What are your data centers like?

There are three data centers in the United States, one in Canada and one in the UK.

The data centers themselves have a massive amount of encryption and protection. You can learn about our data centers here: https://www.comconnectfilesync.com/data-security-and-compliance/

Q: What if my computer is stolen?

If you lose your device or if it is stolen, call (or email) our support line and we will wipe your computer remotely.

Q: How often is my data backed up?

The backup process is asynchronous. As soon as your data is synced it is also backed up and restorable in the cloud. It happens constantly in the background rather than on a timed schedule.

Q: Do employees of the cloud service provider have access to firm data?

The only person who could possibly access your files is our founder, Jake Wagner, none of the rest of our team can get into the master cloud.  

ComConnect users are managed by a separate account using 2FA authentication and other security measures.  We don’t look at someone’s files unless we're on the phone with them or have explicit permission.  We leave the master account immediately after a support call.  

Axcient, our technology partner, is unable to access any of your data.  There is a data protection wall from us to the larger ecosystem.  If you wanted, we could turn this on between your cloud and the ComConnect master cloud too.  It makes me providing support a little more complicated because we can’t use our administration dashboard to manage your account.

In the EULA we have an NDA that means that we can’t disclose your information to a 3rd party.

Q: What is your succession plan?

If Jake got hit by a bus, Axcient has been instructed to have our users be transferred to another reseller, so you still have access to your data regardless.