ComConnect File Sync send large files


You can send large files through this platform.  Basically any size of file through ComConnect.  Our plans have maximum limits of 2gb up to 8gb.  Some clients require an even larger file size limit and this SaaS meets their needs.

You can also have as much space as you’d like.  Our public plans range from 100gb to 500gb but we can scale your deployment to any size you need.  You can connect to your cloud either network-only through WebDAV or you can use the Agent software to keep a local copy and sync that to your cloud and between your devices.

ComConnect File Sync file sharing between mac and pc

This is one of the best ways to have file sharing between mac and pc.  It’s always been a pain and it never works perfectly.. or rather it didn’t ever work perfectly.

With ComConnect you can move seamlessly from any mac, pc or mobile device and you will be looking at the same file.  You are device agnostic!