ComConnect File Sync file sharing software

If you want the best file sharing software and don’t know about the dangers of dropbox and other consumer grade file sync systems, then check out ComConnect.  You won’t be disappointed.

It’ll protect you from when you accidentally delete your files, help you enusre that your presentation is available no matter how the projector is setup and if your computer has the right ports.

ComConnect File Sync filesharing service

If you need a secure filesharing service then you should look at ComConnect File Sync.  This is a great service.  It’s HIPAA, FINRA, SEC and even PCI compliant.

This service combines the power of true and versionable file backup, sync between your devices so you never have downtime, and securely share your files so you know who is looking at your work both inside and outside your organization.

ComConnect File Sync | best file sync

This is the best file sync product available on the market.  It’s like a swiss army knife of cloud data tools.  The ways in which this tool will support your business and increase your and your team’s efficiency.

You can undelete work with a couple clicks, roll back before ransomware or other viruses took hold of your computer, share in such a way that you always know where the master file is located for a project.

This SaaS keeps everyone on the same page.